Our Intelligent Sensors

Our intelligent sensor system is truly amazing! It can detect various events such as aggression, gunshots, VAPE and THC particulates, and even respond to voice commands. With instant notifications via phone, email, or text message, this system seamlessly integrates with existing applications and systems for efficient monitoring and response.

Advanced Sensor System with Powerful Features

Instant Detection and Notification
Our intelligent sensor system incorporates an innovative, ground-breaking feature that enhances security during critical events. When an event is detected, such as aggression or gunshots, the system activates Riot Tint on the windows, instantly obscuring the view from the outside. This protective measure ensures that potential attackers or intruders are unable to see inside the building, providing an added layer of safety and preventing them from gaining valuable information about the premises. With this comprehensive approach to security, our advanced sensor system delivers swift detection, real-time notifications, and advanced visual obstruction to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals within the protected environment.

Intelligent Sensors with Privacy Protection

Enhanced Privacy

Our intelligent sensor system takes privacy and security to the next level with revolutionary Riot Tint™. In the event of a potential threat, the system swiftly activates Riot Tint™, the cutting-edge technology that instantly frosts the windows from the inside. This innovative solution not only obscures the view from outside, preventing attackers from seeing inside the building, but also ensures the utmost privacy for individuals within the protected area. By providing an effective visual barrier, our intelligent sensors guarantee a heightened level of security and confidentiality, creating a safe environment where privacy is prioritized without compromising on safety measures.

Cutting-Edge Safety and Security Enhancements

Next-Level Safety and Security Features
Our intelligent sensors have undergone significant advancements in safety and security features, introducing new levels of protection for your environment. With cutting-edge functionalities like the panic button, aggression detection, gunshot detection, motion sensing, and occupancy tracking, our sensors provide comprehensive and proactive measures to ensure the utmost safety. Additionally, features such as the help spoken keyword, emergency escape and alert lighting, and tamper detection further reinforce the security infrastructure, enabling rapid response and safeguarding against potential threats. Embrace these state-of-the-art enhancements to fortify your safety and security protocols.
How quickly will I receive notifications from the intelligent sensors?
Our intelligent sensors are designed to provide instant notifications in real-time. As soon as a safety or security event is detected, the sensors will promptly send notifications to the designated channels, ensuring you receive timely updates.
Can multiple recipients receive the notifications simultaneously?
Absolutely! Our intelligent sensors allow you to set up multiple recipients to receive the notifications simultaneously. This ensures that the relevant individuals or teams are promptly informed, enabling a coordinated response to the safety or security event.
Is it possible to prioritize certain notifications over others?
Yes, you can prioritize specific notifications based on their severity or importance. Our intelligent sensors offer customizable settings that allow you to assign priority levels to different types of safety or security events. This ensures that critical notifications receive immediate attention and action.
Can the trigger thresholds and levels be customized based on the environment and specific requirements?
Absolutely! Our intelligent sensors offer the flexibility to customize trigger thresholds and levels to suit your specific environment and requirements. By allowing you to set personalized parameters, the sensors can be fine-tuned to detect and notify you about events based on the unique characteristics of your surroundings.
Can I set different trigger thresholds and levels for different events or areas?
Certainly! Our intelligent sensors support the ability to set different trigger thresholds and levels for different events or areas within your environment. This allows you to tailor the sensitivity and response of the sensors based on the specific requirements and priorities of each event or area.

Key Detection Features:


  • Health Index

  • Air Quality Index

  • Carbon Monoxide

  • Carbon Dioxide

  • Nitrogen Dioxide

  • Relative Humidity

  • Temperature

  • TVOC

  • Particulates

  • Chemicals


    • Help (Spoken Keyword)

    • Panic Button

    • Aggression

    • Gunshot

    • Motion

    • Occupancy (People Counter)

    • Emergency Escape & Alert Lighting

    • Tamper


      • THC

      • Vape

      • Vape Masking/Concealment