Switchable Security Film®

Smart Tint® is the only USA Certified manufacturer of Switchable Security Glazing Films Worldwide.


Every Second Counts.

Riot Tint™ is the world's first Smart Security Film®! RIOT TINT™ powered by Smart Tint® retrofits to any new or existing smooth glass surface. Instant Privacy on Demand with a punch. It will create a barrier slowing down intruders when the glass is broken. Our intelligent sensor will also frost out all windows in the zone taking away the line of sight from the intruder.

Strengthens glass with Security on Command!

Riot Tint™ powers on clear and powers off private. The reverse operation is available as well. Riot Tint™ applies to any new or existing smooth glass surface. Riot Tint™ has a tensile strength rating of 14,000 lbs per square inch, qualifying it as the world's first "Smart Security Film™". Riot Tint™'s film fastening system securely attaches not only to the glass, but the existing frame encompassing it. Riot Tint™ will delay forced entry, buying time allowing security to address the issue. Riot Tint™ utilizes Smart Tint®'s 8th generation Nano Ceramic Hardshell Coating making it scratch resistant and durable in high traffic, high volume areas. Riot Tint™ can be controlled with a remote control, wall switch, or the trigger of any sensor making it compatible with any 3rd party control system. Riot Tint™ is available in White, Grey and Black.